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We have bloggers affiliated in Denmark The Netherlands Germany and United Kingdom. Does your company want to buy links from foreign and dometic domains? Then you can do that with great benefit on WEABLOG. Sign up easily and for free today and get started with your branding and linkbuilding.

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Weablog is so easy to use: you login and check the assignments that are suitable for your blog. You accept you write you get paid. Simple! A great way to earn an extra income on your blog.
What I love about Weablog is that it is so easy to use and that it is hassle free. You write your post publish it and then you just paste the link into your Weablog dashboard! It is fast and it is easy and you do not have to wait around while your post gets approved.

Write articles for companies

Write blog posts on your blog for companies and earn money. We connect bloggers and companies on the Internet. You will get paid for each blog post you write – every month. We assess your blog to establish how much you can earn per blog post. For example we measure how popular your blog is and how many visits you get.

Your blogs value

  • How do you calculate the value of my blog?

    The value is calculated on a number of technical parametres. For example we look at the number of pages linked to your blog and the age of your blog how long it has been online. A blog on its own domain is more worth than a blog on a sub-domain. – Both types of domains are welcome but blogs with own domains are evaluated slightly higher.

  • How can I add more value to my blog?

    Make your blog popular by writing blog posts about things that interest you and try to get people link to your blog. The age of your blog is important - the older it is the better it is

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